Loft Conversions are the easiest way to create more usable space in your home. A loft is often the largest area of unused space available in residential properties. Converting your loft into a living space can save you time, money and effort as well preventing the tedious process of moving to a new home. Loft conversion also increases the value of your home so you will receive a grater return on investment when you are ready to sell or rent out your current residence. 



Currently, in the UK, for a certain time only, all semi-detached houses are legally allowed to be extended by 6 metres & detached houses can be extended by 8 metres. Contact our home extensions experts to see how you can add some extra space to your house.




Let us at UK Property Management help you plan a low-maintenance garden, re-design or simply just tidy up your rear/front garden. 




We replace old roofs, gutters and construct outdoor areas like driveways and patios.  


We convert standard houses to 'Houses in Multiple Occupation'. 

We have helped many investors make the most our of their property by converting them into multiple use occupancy to maximise rental yields. 



We are able to work on any commercial renovations. Whether it is for a shop, office or other commercial type of property. 

With commercial properties, there are often bespoke requirements, and so we are able to deliver on your specific requirements. 



Are you looking to install a new kitchen but are struggling to find a good team to install it? Well look no further, we have fitted kitchens all over London.




The great thing about us at UK Property Management is that no matter how big or small the project may be, we can do it.

Even if you want a room painted in your property, or some plastering work done, we are able to offer our services to you.

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